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Runway Overlay Project – Pullman Moscow Regional Airport, Pullman, WA
Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport – Washington

The 2012 Runway 6/24 Rehabilitation Project completed for the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport consisted of the design and rehabilitation of their 6730 ft x 100 ft runway to provide a new wearing surface. Work on the project included repairing existing longitudinal and transverse cracks, milling the existing surface, overlaying with 2 ½” of P-401 Asphalt, re-grooving, and updating the runway and taxiway pavement markings.

Since the airport has only one runway, pre-overlay and post overlay construction was completed during night time shut downs and the surface milling and overlay work was successfully completed using 24 hour operations during the approved five-day airport shutdown. Throughout the project J-U-B provided support and staff to help navigate the many regulatory, funding, and logistical issues on the project including coordinating with the Contractor on the significant changes in the construction schedule at no additional cost, plus provided 10+ staff members from across the company during the five-day closure.

The Issues: This project faced a number of issues before getting started. This project was delayed due to disruptions in funding associated with an FAA governmental shutdown. Runway designations changed which required changes to the runway markings and adding replacement of the majority of the airfield signs.

How we addressed the issues: J-U-B worked with the staff at the airport to address any changes as needed and provided additional assistance to the Port as needed from our staff across the company.