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The Pioneer Wildfire Recovery and Restoration Project

The Pioneer wildfire occurred in the summer of 2016 and burned approximately 200,000 acres.

In October 2016, The Langdon Group (TLG), a J-U-B Company, began working with the Boise National Forest and Boise Forest Coalition to support public involvement activities related to the recovery and restoration of the area.

Currently, TLG facilitates the monthly meetings for the Boise Forest Coalition, which is a citizen-led group involving members with diverse perspectives on forest management. The coalition is responsible for providing consensus recommendations to the Boise National Forest on restoration projects such as the Pioneer fire project.

The Langdon Group is also working closely with the forest and coalition to plan public outreach on the proposed post-fire restoration efforts that are scheduled to begin this spring.

(photo used permission USDA-Forest Service)

Mike Arneson – J-U-B’s Corporate VP of Business Development

Michael E. Arneson, PE is J-U-B’s new Vice President of Business Development. The company’s Board of Directors created this position to better serve our existing clients, as well as expand additional markets throughout the Intermountain West. Mike is a professional engineer with a degree from the University of Idaho and 24 years of diverse industry experience including civil, transportation, and environmental engineering, as well as a proven aptitude for effective project management, public involvement, and business development. Because Mike has a unique talent for crafting successful, high quality capture strategies, planning, qualification statements, and proposals, the Board deemed him an excellent choice for the job.

With his keen understanding of the company-wide position, vision, and growth plans, Mike will collaborate with area managers and discipline leads to help improve their marketing efforts. He will provide guidance in vetting pursuits, as well as pre- and post-RFP planning such as developing project-specific teaming selections, capture strategies, and win themes. Mike will also, at times, assist with or lead proposal development for larger and/or more complex solicitations from federal agencies and others. Additionally, he will support J-U-B’s internal Communications Group, which is a company-wide, ad-hoc resource pool responsible for producing business development submittals following established corporate standards.

Along with the responsibilities of this new position, Mike will continue to manage his ongoing projects, service existing clients, and lead the Idaho Falls area office.

Tim Haener, PE – 2016-2017 ACEC of Idaho President

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Idaho (ACEC Idaho) has elected Tim Haener, P.E. to serve as President for the 2016-2017 term.  Mr. Haener took office effective October 2016 at the ACEC Idaho annual conference in McCall.

Tim, a graduate of the University of Idaho, serves as an Executive Vice President with J-U-B. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the civil engineering profession.

ACEC Idaho represents the Idaho consulting engineering industry with a focus on enhancing business and protecting public health, safety, and welfare.   ACEC Idaho regularly interacts with peer associations, agencies, client groups, and registration boards to track and engage on issues of mutual interest.

J-U-B Awarded New Pressure Irrigation Study

The Crockett Irrigation Board  in Cache County, Utah selected  J-U-B’s Logan office to prepare a significant study that will lead to a new pressure irrigation system servicing the northwest area of Logan, North Logan, and Hyde Park. In addition to the Crockett service area, the study will include ten additional irrigation companies that receive water through the Crockett distribution system.

With steady growth in Cache Valley, land use is evolving from agricultural to municipal. This evolution results in a change in water resource usage. Irrigation canals are aging and water seepage is becoming problematic. For these reasons, Crockett Avenue Irrigation and Distribution System, Inc. determined it was time to investigate pressurizing their irrigation system to distribute water more efficiently and minimize loss through conveyance.

The study will also evaluate the benefits of the additional capacity in the existing canals to convey storm water. Currently, the irrigation canals convey storm water from the development areas.

An improved irrigation system will lessen culinary water consumption during summer months, which will reduce demand on the municipal culinary water systems and may result in long-term savings to the end users.

Once the study is complete, J-U-B will provide implementation recommendations to the Crockett Irrigation Board, the communities of Logan, North Logan, and Hyde Park, and other stakeholders.


Gateway Mapping’s New GIS Tool Improves Productivity

*GMI Data Collections Specialists have set up a new “maplication” (mapping application) tool to assist engineers and increase productivity during project site visits. The technology, which is loaded on engineers’ phones, is being used throughout J-U-B to collect signs and other points relating to pavement and environmental concerns. Locational points, photos, and feature attributes are recorded with ease. Engineers are able to use the application offline in areas with limited cell/data coverage, then upload it to the network when they return to the office.

Project engineers in J-U-B’s Orem office recently used this “GIS on the Go” tool to identify potential issues and strengthen their understanding of a Utah County project. The application allowed them to see their location on a map, drop a point where they were standing, and attach notes, attributes, and pictures. Back in the office, they were able to analyze their findings quickly and efficiently.

*Gateway Mapping, Inc. a J-U-B Company

J-U-B Announces New Office in Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction, Colorado is the latest addition to the J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. (J-U-B) network, joining Fort Collins and 14 other offices in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Leading our Grand Junction team is Luke Gingerich, PE. Luke, a  Colorado State University graduate, has more than 11 years of experience with a strong background in water resources and agricultural engineering, water rights, drought planning, and hydraulics. He works extensively with government agencies—local, state and federal—as well as many non-government organizations and philanthropic groups.

Having a permanent presence in Western Colorado will allow us to better serve our local clients with all their engineering needs, from project planning through implementation.

Welcome Grand Junction!!

Contact Information
Grand Junction Office
305 South Main Street
Palisade, CO

J-U-B Twin Falls Selected on Magic Valley Regional Airport Project!

J-U-B’s Twin Falls office has received approval to move forward on the design, bidding, and construction engineering at the Magic Valley Regional Airport.

The project includes relocating light and sign panels and rehabilitating 4,500 feet of Taxiway “Alpha” (“A”), which is showing signs of weathering, oxidation, and block cracking.

Taxiway “A” runs parallel to the primary, high-use Runway 26. To comply with recently- changed FAA design standards, the taxiway will be reduced from 75 feet to 50 feet. A total of 2,400 linear feet of mill overlay will be used to renovate the taxiway surface, an edge drain system will be installed on the north side of the taxiway, and additional drainage structures will update a 60-year-old drainage system.

Approximately 2,000 linear feet of Taxiway “A” will be realigned and adjusted to the north. This significant effort consists of large earth-moving operations, installing new electrical conduit and drainage pipes, spreading 24 inches of gravel and asphalt, and installing lights and signs.

J-U-B will also assist the airport in purchasing a new 1,500-gallon tank Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle.

The reconstruction is scheduled to begin August 2017 and the ARFF vehicle purchase will be completed by November 2017.

Lee Cammack – Engineer of the Year!

The prestigious “Engineer of the Year” award from the Utah Chapter of the American Counsel of Engineering Companies (ACEC), was presented to Lee Cammack, President and CEO of J-U-B ENGINEERS.   Lee received the award at a banquet held November 17.

Lee has a passion for the consulting engineering industry.   He has provided leadership in the consulting community as a principal of J-U-B for 25 years, 9 as President and CEO.   His extensive educational, professional, and civic involvement has made the Utah consulting engineering industry better.

In his 35 plus years as a professional civil engineer and professional land surveyor, Lee has worked with communities, agencies, and districts helping them improve their infrastructure and public facilities. Projects have included water resource   development and delivery systems, wastewater collection and disposal, and transportation.

Prior to joining J-U-B ENGINEERS, Lee worked as the Chief Deputy Surveyor for Utah County and as the City engineer and public works director for Kaysville City.   His experience as a civil servant has significantly enhanced his success as a consulting engineer.

J-U-B Showcases Innovative Technology

The use of GRS-IBS technology for new bridges was demonstrated by J-U-B in a workshop presented in conjunction with LHTAC and FHWA to representatives from ITD, regional Native American Tribes, and a mix of Idaho cities, counties, highway districts, and other consultants. The 300 N over the S-Canal Bridge located north of Jerome is 28 feet wide with a span of 52 feet.

The engineering and construction methods were first discussed in the classroom. After the class, participants visited the bridge construction site to see this new technology and construction methods in practice.

GRS-IBS (Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System) accelerates bridge construction time, reduces cost and less sensitive to weather conditions during construction compared to other bridge types. The design is flexible and easily modified in the field. Additionally, bridge design and construction costs are usually less than conventional bridges.

The S-Canal Bridge substructure and approaches were constructed of reinforced granular soil supporting precast concrete voided slabs with an asphalt wearing surface. Removing the existing bridge to setting the new bridge beams was completed in five weeks. This project site involved no cast-in-place concrete, no concrete formwork, and negligible reinforcement, which was placed in the CMU, blocks as vertical dowels.

J-U-B completed the design and prepared standard example drawings, which are available to local agencies and consultants through LHTAC for use on future GRS-IBS bridges in Idaho.

Beautiful New Business Park – Burley, Idaho

The River Bend Business Park retained J-U-B Engineers to provide the landscape architecture and master planning services for a new business park development which will include a new Hampton Inn.

The high-end landscaping for the Hampton Inn will provide patrons terraced plazas and planters around the indoor pool, and outdoor gathering and lounging areas overlooking the Snake River.

Natural-looking meadows and native plantings will form the basis of the new landscape treatment.   The goal is to increase water conservation and sustainability, while restoring a sense of original beauty characteristic of the Snake River Valley in this regions

J-U-Bs landscape architect team used a 3-D computer model to help the Owners visualize the new building, as well as the landscaping, terraced plazas and a riverside trail. Native and ornamental grasses, low-growing shrubs and trees will give the landscape a natural look.

Construction is projected to begin in March 2017 and completed in 2018.

JUB reaches over 300 Employees

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How we stay “Employee Focused”

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