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Gateway Mapping

Gateway Mapping, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of J-U-B ENGINEERS. We are a team of specialists that provide a high level of Geographic Information System (GIS) expertise. Our GIS specialists and J-U-B engineers closely collaborate to identify how GIS and engineering principles can work together to best meet the needs of the clients.

Our approach to GIS goes well beyond mapping. Emphasis is placed on applying GIS in ways that promote efficiency, save time, answer questions, and produce better results for our clients.

We help organizations better manage their infrastructure. This is done by carefully assessing needs and then identifying and building useful applications. Gateway Mapping is the maker of the popular infrastructure management software,
Spatial IM®. This software modernizes how public works departments track and proactively maintain their systems. 

We also help cemeteries preserve and better manage their valuable burial information. Spatial GENERATIONS® is software that simplifies how a cemetery manages their information.  Paper maps and records are put into a digital format allowing for easy data entry, fast data retrieval, and current maps.  Spatial GENERATIONS modernizes record keeping and encourages information preservation.

Gateway Mapping is proud of their new website Names In Stone® - Names In Stone | Cemetery Maps and Records Search. Names In Stone allows cemeteries to post their maps and records on-line for public use, a great benefit to both the cemetery and the public.